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Metabolic Measurement


CyberMed Vista VO2 Lab


A Fitness Evaluation without VO2

is like measuring Body Fat with a Ruler


VO2 Lab is a complete PC-based metabolic measurement system

for Resting Energy Expenditure and Cardio-Pulmonary

Exercise Stress (VO2) Testing

Perfect for Fitness Testing, Nutritional Assessment,

Physiology & Exercise Science Education


General Software Features & Benefits

Ventilation variables: Minute ventilation, Tidal Volumes, Flow-volume loops, Peak flow, FEV1, etc.

Cut and paste. Save any graph or spreadsheet to the clipboard and paste it into your document or publication.

Heart rate import options from EKG.s, Polar watch, SAO2 or selected exercise devices.

Predicted values shown on-screen during test and on print-out.

Big Bar display lets you pick up to 5 variables to be displayed in large font during test. Data averaging for Big Bar display may be set different from other data. Example: You like to see your data averaged (filtered) every 15 seconds, but Big Bar display may be set to show 3-breath average.

Big Eye display lets you pick 1 variable and display it in extra large font during test.

Test Overlay: Pick tests from same or different subjects and overlay them graphically.

Expanded Data Averaging: All data may be averaged (filtered) breath-by-breath or at timed intervals. Example: Display a 30-second average every 10 seconds.

Expanded Graphics Capability: Plot up to 8 variables in a window, select color, line thickness, symbol shape and fill for each variable. This allows you to have the most important variable stand out.

Most common workload protocols included: You may add an unlimited number of custom protocols yourself.

Linear Treadmill Ramp protocol converts ramp speed and elevation to watts.

Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Lactate, RPE: May be entered manually.

Automatic Delay Time Adjustment: Compensates for delay time variations vs. ventilation.

Troubleshooting Features: Oscilloscope signal display allows you to vary the filter and view resulting signal, fault detection algorithms.

Custom Reports: Pre-configure up to 6 customized report groups, select customized graphs, spreadsheet, etc.

Print Preview Screens: See print-out on-screen, permits

last minute re-scaling and customization.

Plot any variable against any other variable.

Control external devices: Treadmills, ergometers, etc.

Export data to Excel .

Cut & Paste data into your document.

Total flexibility in pre-test setup:

Instantly get info of previously tested person.

Choose or create any exercise protocol.

Choose your heart rate device, e.g. Polar.

Choose the warm-up period.

Choose how to view data during test: Average by number of breaths or time interval.

Data during Test

One of 5 PC screen layouts that you may pre-configure and randomly select during a test.

You have complete control to select variables, scaling, color and display predicted VO2max.

Left-side "Control Panel" always displays Elapsed Time, Heart Rate and % of predicted maximum heart rate, remaining time in an exercise protocol phase, treadmill speed and elevation or ergometer watts and rpm.

Function buttons include manual workload override, pause, marker, recovery set, treadmill start and stop test.

Precise detection of the Fitness Threshold

(also known as Anaerobic or Lactate Threshold, AT or LT)

This screen plot represents a typical incremental ramp test on an ergometer. The Fitness Threshold is accurately determined for each individual:

- By the rise of the heart rate slope (red line).

- The rise of the ventilation slope (blue dots).

- The sharp increase on the VE/VO2 (Ventilatory equivalent for O2) ratio

   (grey filled area).