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Weider Egypt was established in 1988 and has been a leading medical

& Psychological company in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern Market.
1988 Established in Egypt.

1998 Medical Field  with TENS/EMS Devices

2005 Manufacturing Facilities  in Aburawash, Psychological Line.

2010 Pioneer of Medical:

Mobile Units, Ambulances,  Blood Donation & Transportation,

Mobile Clinics, Mobile CT, Armored Ambulances


2012 ICU Ambulances

2014 1st Vital Signs Patient Monitor

2015 Start Blood Fridges with data logger

2016 Power Banks with Deep Cycle Cells

2017 1st AED ( Automatic External Defibrillator), Oxygen Generation,

2018 Smart Ambulances with Telemedicine and  Wireless LAN.

Our focus is on modern psychology. Use our systems to carry out computerized assessment, therapy and training in a modern and scientific way.

State-of-the-art technology opens up new horizons and ensures the highest level of objectivity and precision. For more than 60 years companies, hospitals and institutions
all over the world have counted on our quality, expertise and experience in this field.

A modern and sophisticated method of computerized psychological testing.
Train cognitive abilities such as attention, memory and logical thinking.

Advanced technology that is modular and portable. Small, lightweight radio modules
open up new uses for biofeedback therapy.


Our Mission is provide our clients with the most innovative practical solutions, top-quality products and services.

We believe that our customers are our success partners so we are tied together for long.


Our customers should believe that we are offering them great services which nobody else can offer.


Through a long-term commitment, we are well known as a company who are providing clients with value added products & services.


Our strength is our qualified multinational team who can perform tasks professionally.

Analytical sales engineers who are professional in transforming customers’ requirements into professional offer.


Qualified and well trained technical engineers who provide custom made design and integrated solutions to meet particular client needs.


Qualified service engineers who can provide 24 H/Day customer support.



Loyalty: we recognize that the success of our company is the success of all employees. Its interest always comes first.


Accountability: we produce work within the approved standards and time frame. It is everyone’s responsibility.


Drive for Results: We pursue aggressive goals and strive for constant improvements. We persevere despite obstacles.


We believe that our first responsibility is to satisfy our clients, so we are committed to provide them with the best, most innovative solutions and services that full fill their requirements.


We do our work accurately, completely and effectively. We always our products, ourselves, our team, and our company.

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