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Height & Weight Machine


CyberMed Height & Weight Machine

Model: Cybermed-4000

Technical Feathers:-
- This device is intended to measure the height and weight by KG. 
The device can connect to the output database like Access or Oracle.
- The device is controlled by Micro Computer. Collection of results can be 
"exported" to the Access database or Oracle.
- Measurement of weight is carried by Sensor is sensitive to the weight of it [Strain Gauge], length is measured  by ultrasound to ensure accuracy.

Technical specifications: -
- User program runs on the Windows operating system.
- Measure the height from 100 to 200 cm.
- Less than 0.5 mm reading [accuracy].
- Measurement of weight 8 -160 kg.
- Less than 0.1 kg read the [accuracy].
- Weight 35 kg.
- Height 240 cm device.
- The type of user Voltage 180-240 volts AC / 50 Hz.
- The margin of error allowed 0.01%.
- The measurement process takes about 5 seconds per person at most.
- A digital display device to show the height and weight.