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CogniPlus (Training System)

CogniPlus is a modern, scientifically based software package with which cognitive abilities can be effectively and efficiently trained.

The training programs use realistic scenarios, making it easy for users to integrate the progress they have made into their everyday lives. The content of CogniPlus is closely linked to the Vienna Test System. This means that diagnosis, treatment and evaluation can be conveniently linked


Find out more about the many advantages of CogniPlus:

- Deficit-specific training
- Realistic content of the training programs
- Training for all ability levels
- Automatic adaptation of difficulty level
- Independent training
- Assessment - training - evaluation



Basic software

The CogniPlus basic software makes it easy to prepare and administer training sessions, manage client data and display training results. Additional functions enable you to adapt CogniPlus to your personal requirements.


Particular care has been taken to ensure that the CogniPlus menu is user-friendly; in designing it we have adhered to the principles of usability and involved users in the decision-making process.

The menu is structured on a straightforward index card system, the design of which is consistent and easily understood. The system is therefore easily learnt and enjoyable to use.



Input devices

You can carry out training with a keyboard, but also with our S1tandard or Universal response panel.
All our response panels are of course ideally suited for use by individuals with limited motor ability in the hand.