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BioFeedBack 2000Xpert

BIOFEEDBACK 2000 x-pert is an innovative, modular system:
- readings transmitted by wireless technology (Bluetooth®)
- small, lightweight radio modules that are attached directly to the body
- complete freedom of movement while readings are being taken
- sensors that are highly sensitive but resistant to artifacts
- user-friendly, easy-to-operate software


It consists of four components:

- BFB basic package (all basic functions and wide range of training programs)

- special training programs (for specific applications)

- radio modules (4 types, can be combined as required)

- sensors (depending on radio module and type of use)


The simple, modular design of Biofeedback 2000 x-pert gives you the flexibility to create the best system for your purposes

Discover the innovative concept of Biofeedback 2000 x-pert and the ways in which it can be used on the following pages!



BFB Basic Package


The BFB basic software is the administration module of Biofeedback 2000 x-pert, containing numerous useful functions. The user interface is clearly laid out and easy to understand.

A wide range of treatments can be carried out using the basic module alone.

For special applications special training programs can be added to the Biofeedback 2000 x-pert system.



Radio modules / sensors

Modular, portable and ergonomic - these advantages of the radio modules contribute to the success of training and enhance comfort and convenience during a session.

The modules are attached to the body close to the point from which the recording will be made. This means that only very short sensor cables are needed.


The recorded signals are transmitted wirelessly (Bluetooth®). Up to seven radio modules can be used simultaneously with one computer, permitting great flexibility in the way that sessions are organized.

Colour-coded sockets, simple plug-in connectors and easily attached sensors make the system easy to use and contribute to a relaxed setting.


MULTI module
Skin conductance, blood flow/pulse, temperature, motility

RESP module
Respiration measurement (2 channels)

EMG module
Electromyography (2 channels)

EEG module
Electroencephalography (2 channels)






Biofeedback 2000 x-pert and the Vienna Test System can be combined in many useful and interesting ways.


While a psychological test is being administered for assessment purposes by the Vienna Test System, physiological data can be simultaneously recorded and evaluated.


This requires two computers, one for the Vienna Test System and one for Biofeedback 2000 x-pert, connected by a marker cable.