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Motion Analysis


Concepts for
Clinical motion Analysis & Applied Biomechanics

SIMI manufactures high-end image-based Motion Capture and Analysis Systems.
SIMI Motion Analysis have many systems but the best of this systems are :-
1- SIMI Aktisys.
2- SIMI 2D/3D Medicine and Biomechanics.
3- Simi Shape 3D.





SIMI Aktisys

SIMI Aktisys is easy, fast and efficient Biofeedback

Simi Aktisys is the fastest and easiest way for dynamic video motion analysis. Only 3 clicks are necessary for your system. Offers direct biofeedback based on colored LED-markers.

- Fast and easy dynamic motion analysis Biofeedback and live monitoring
- Easy, efficient and economic analysis
- Optimized for clinical applications
- Immediate results

- Gait and running analysis
- Jump analysis
- Bike-fating
- Adjustment of prosthetics
- Postural Analysis
- Spine Analysis
And many more…

- Software automatically identifies colored LED-markers on video and live stream
- Use our predefined templates or create your own measurement protocols
- Measure angels, rotations and distances
- Instant data output on live-stream for biofeedback
- Use high-speed cameras
- Automatic reports

Simi Aktisys is developed for the needs of health and sports professionals. It offers full automatic movement analysis for practical requirements of therapists, personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, or orthopedics. The user-friendly and automatic design saves time and is highly efficient.


Medicine and Biomechanics

Simi Motion 2D/3D is a dynamic video based system for the noninvasive analysis, monitoring and diagnosing of musculoskeletal disorders. Through advanced measurement technology the software can calculate user defined equations of standard calculations, such as joint angles, accelerations, axial symmetries, joint forces, moments, etc. The video based system enables accurate and step-by-step diagnosis, monitoring and documentation of patient care without side effects.

- Inverse dynamics/kinematics-calculate momentums,
joint centers, segment rotations, joint forces, etc.
- Various filters for data processing-root mean
square, median and mean frequency, automatic and
interactive onset and offset determination.
- Calculate angles, distances, velocities, acceleration.
- Freely define movements in cyclical phases.
- Combine and compare data from multiple projects
or with standardized medical values.
- Center of gravity.
And many more…

Typical Medical Applications
- Gait/Spine/Joint analysis
- Hand/Tremor analysis
- Foot/Ankle kinematics
- Facial expression tracking
- Balance and motor control

- Combine actual video images from video cameras
with synchronous data display
- Colorful 3D trajectories of points and segments
Create 3D models from captured video data (stick
figures, skeletal diagrams, 3D views)
- Graphical displays of user defined motion analysis
(coordinates, accelerations, velocities, angles, etc.)
- Simultaneously compare and analyze video data in
same Simi interface with external devices, such as,
EMG, force plates, and foot pressure.

Key Features

- Perform a variety of analyses with one system
- Modular setup for easy acquisition, upgrading and individual customization
- Mobility - laptop or PC/indoor and outdoor
- Track complicated and detailed movements - fingers, spinal vertebrae, facial expressions, etc.

- Video imaged based - not infrared always see corresponding movements on real video!
- Track movements directly on video recordings
- Export all data to 3rd party programs i.e.
  Anybody, Excel MATLAB, etc.
- Access to raw data

- Real time tracking automatically and accurately tracks reflective markers on recorded videos
- Calculate static and dynamic data with sub pixel accuracy
  Revolutionary Dynamic length calibration
“Wand Calibration”

External Devices (Hardware Neutral) Synchronously record and display video capture with output from external measuring instruments such as
force plates, foot pressure plates, and EMG devices.
Analogue signal devices can be recorded, 100% synchronously, directly into the software, or imported later.

Real Time Tracking

The new automatic real time tracking module quickly tracks any number of reflective markers directly on all video recordings simultaneously. Track videos recorded in various environments - outdoors, lighted laboratories-without a problem. No need to confine yourself to a blacked our room!

Flexible Mobile Technology
Video based Simi systems are extremely flexible and mobile, unlike infrared systems. Video recording can take place indoors or outdoors. Motion tracking can be
performed with markers, or marker less, using pattern matching. With Simi Motion systems you do not have to feel restricted!

Example Configuration - Gait Analysis
A popular application for the Simi Motion system is the clinical gait analysis. A patient's gait can be quickly and accurately, captured, tracked analyzed, and
documented, so that changes and irregularities can be measured and evaluated early in the treatment process. Any number of configuration can be arranged from mobile three camera systems to large eight camera laboratory set-ups, depending on laboratory size and analysis needs.


Record Improvements Evaluate and compare pre and post operative patients, as well as, prosthetic and orthotic fittings  though overlaid graphs and videos. Recorded data help in the selection and tailoring or a suitable treatment approach according to patient needs.


Documentation and Presentation

Compile and analyze patient data quickly and objectively with easy-to-use tools. Graphically display kinetic and kinematics calculations such as joint angles, forces, moments and accelerations. An integrated report builder creates user defined, interactive text documents for print and email which we can customize upon request.


  SIMI Shape 3D 
  Revolutionary Markerless Motion Capture “Silhouette Tracking”

- No markers used
- 3D full body Motion Capture
- 8 high speed color cameras
- Silhouette tracking
Simi always counted on the strength of image based motion capture, as we believe that visual information delivers much more than Infrared filtering, not only for perception of analysts and subjects, but also for computing data!
Simi has now taken the next step in Motion Capture technology by enhancing their Simi Motion system to include new revolutionary methods of markerless Motion Capture. Based on silhouette information the new algorithms provide 3D full body motion capture without using anatomical landmarks. Investing in a new Simi Motion System will give you access to traditional Motion Capture techniques like marker tracking but also revolutionary marker free Motion Capture.

Simi Shape 3D provides automatic markerless human Motion Capture.

The new technology developed by Simi and leading German technology institutes allows image-based Motion Capture, without the need to attach markers or any other devices to the actor. The actor can move freely in the calibrated room whilst being recorded by up to 8 synchronized high-speed color cameras.

Simi Shape3D computes pose and position of the actor from high-speed color videos.

The first step extracts the silhouette of the actor from each image. A virtual 3D-model is then fitted to the silhouette of the actor in each camera perspective. Simi Shape3D automatically fits the virtual model to the actor starting from the initial pose in the first frame. Segment lengths and widths of the model are adjusted to the actor. The subsequent tracking delivers motion capture data (translations and rotations) for the complete sequence. Joint positions and rotations are extracted from the pose and position of the model.